Heroes Healing Heroes Hunting Foundation

About Us


The Foundation will provide public awareness education on the consequences of traumatic physical and mental injuries after separation from duty and the healing efforts of the Foundation through the dissemination of facts, charts, graphs, and statistics. We anticipate providing this information by presenting live media presentations, interviews, lectures and slideshows at a variety of public venues.  These presentations, although bringing awareness to the long term consequences of serious physical and mental injuries in the line of duty, primarily will focus on the current efforts and solutions the Foundation is taking to reduce or eliminate those consequences.

We will take advantage of various social media outlets such as discussion forums, blogs and social networking sites.  We will also chronicle our efforts and activities on the corporation’s website at www.heroeshealingheroes.com.  By offering educational events, as well as, our publications and website, the Foundation is educating the public on Foundation projects that they may be interested to participate in and which are beneficial to the community.

Programs for Volunteers

At times, per the discretion of the board of directors, the Foundation may provide internships or volunteer opportunities which will provide opportunities for involvement in outreach activity and programs in order to enhance education/awareness and have a greater impact for Foundation growth. One such activities that volunteers may be involved in is “Basic Hunt and Hunter Safety” education.  This education program will educate our Heroes on topics such as hunting techniques, field survival, gun and archery safety and wildlife conservation.  Such activities shall always be free of charge to participants and will not include compensation to the volunteers.

Charity Events and Clinics

As part of our expeditionary activities, we will organize a multitude of charity events and clinics in order to raise funds and awareness for our cause. All events and clinics will be organized and carried on by our staff and/or volunteers to ensure the activities support the goals of the foundation and will be open to the public. All proceeds from these activities will be added to our general fund and shall be used to further our exempt status.


Ambassador Program

The Heroes Healing Heroes Hunting Foundation will seek out opportunities for community outreach through an ambassador program which involves sending ambassador(s) to public venues to fulfill our mission of raising awareness and funds for the Foundation’s healing activities by utilizing a variety of means such as charity clinics, charity fundraising activities, educational booths, charity raffle events, photography, and publications. Through these means, the severe long term consequences of debilitating physical and emotional injuries and the foundation’s effort to reduce these consequences will be highlighted and brought to the attention of diverse audiences. An example of this program’s activities is the Heroes Healing Heroes Expeditionary Team, a team of disabled & abled-bodied active duty and retire military, law enforcement, fire fighters and other public servants who will conduct a march of solidarity in the yearly Bataan Memorial Death March at White Sands Missile Range, NM to bring awareness to what our Heroes endure and the and the efforts Foundations is making to mitigate the pain our Heroes live with. 

"We Start Where Medicine Ends"

Foundation Overview

Many veterans, law enforcement, fire fighters, and paramedic/EMT professionals, hereafter referred to as “Heroes”, enjoyed their years of service to our nation and their communities and developed deep family relationships with those they served with.  Upon separation because of these traumatic physical and mental injures, they lost that family or sense of camaraderie.  A Pew Research Center’s study, “For Many Injured Veterans, A Live of Consequences” states “The physical, emotional and economic toll of a serious service-related injury does not end when the service member leaves the military. Years and even decades after they were discharged, veterans who were badly hurt while serving are significantly more likely to be in poor health and somewhat less likely to be employed”.   

It is the mission of, duty, and purpose of Heroes Healing Heroes Hunting Foundation to address, educate, coordinate, and provide aid and healing relief to disabled or disadvantaged Heroes on a local and global level.  We will, when we are capable, bring our injured Heroes suffering from debilitating physical and/or emotional injuries back into their service related families through organized hunting and other activities conducted with able bodied active duty or retired military and other public service veterans. 

The founder of the  Heroes Healing Heroes Hunting Foundation is a 20 year disabled Army (retired) veteran.  His passion for hunting and the desire to help his fellow Heroes led to the establishment of the foundation. In an effort to ensure that all of our Heroes are equally represented, the foundation's board of directors is comprised of Military Veterans, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and medical professionals.