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Past Hunts

Small world. Another group of hunters from Texas meet in the field.

Donated Unit 27 September Archery Bull Tag Joe Torres of Texas was the recipient of this awesome tag. Joe and his Crew successfully got on bull elk early, and were able to catch this young bull coming to water on day 10. Unfortunately his arrow hit just an inch to far to the left and hit the shoulder plate.

Congratulation to Army Retired Veteran Eric Morris on his 2020 Over The Counter (OTC) Archery deer hunt. Although he was unable to successfully harvesting a deer he was able to successfully stalk in and make multiple attempts.

Congratulations to Mr Louis Schrum for his 2023 Spring Javelina. Louis is a disabled Veteran and this tag was donated to H3O through the AZGFD tag donation program. Although we were seeing Javelina daily it took us a few days to get a good shot at one and Louis took full advantage of that opportunity with a perfect shot with his trusty 30.06 at just under 100 yards. The H3O team had a great time hunting with Louis and look forward to taking the next disabled Veteran on a hunt or fishing trip. It was an honor for H3O to help this disabled veteran!

Way to Go Randy Oliver! Caught a beauty at 3.95 but is sure the scale were off! Catch and release will let the fish live another day!

This year's veteran hog hunt sponsored by Valhalla Outdoors of Comanche, Texas was awesome. Hot weather made it hard to find pigs with dogs, but 17 hours of helicopter flights was a major success.

Congratulation to Army Retired Veteran Randy Oliver on successfully harvesting this beautiful brute of a Coues Whitetail. Congratulations Randy!!!

Retired Veteran Harrison Gordon's hunt produced some great opportunities to take both Javelina and Coues.

Retired Navy Veterans & California Boys Gary Kavacivich & Harold Sammons doubled up this morning filling both tags on the first day of their hunt. Hunt assisted by Wayne Dubois.

John Bateman Whew, I’d like to take this moment and write up my experience with H3O. These guys reminded me of the comradery that I very much miss since my time in the service. They went above and beyond to aid me in a mule deer hunt this weekend. I don’t have legs, or a working left arm, needless to say, they had their work cut out for them. From literally pigging backing me so I could get a better vantage point, to maintaining constant communication for what opportunities were arriving. I can’t say thank you enough for a successful hunt. Here's the real point of this all, that goes unsaid, but hits at the heart of this organization’s mission. I felt capable again. Having one working limb…eats away at my self image and can sink me into an abyss I’d rather not mention. It isn’t even the 5x5 mule deer that I took down that made an impact, it was my comrades believing in me, believing I can still LIVE and not just eek by day to day. They brought a gift to me beyond the hunt, I was capable of doing the unthinkable. I wasn’t a limbless disabled vet, I was their brother again, and I was whole. I might have missed a 70 yard shot and caught shit for it (as I should), but in their eyes, I still had value. I’m incredibly humbled with pulling off a 400yard shot on my prize Mulley, mainly because it ended my 70 yard mishap, but it showed me I was worth the time, the effort and that I CAN still be the man and service member I once was. To those disabled vets like me, find your comrades, they had your back in the service and they WILL ALWAYS have your back in life’s endeavors. Thank you H3O…you provided me far more than a hunt, you showed me the family that I thought I had lost. I tear up because I don’t deserve this, or them, but that’s what H3O is about. Thank you.

Congratulations to Mr William (Bill) Beecher for his first ever Turkey. Bill is the disabled Veteran who was donated the 2023 Spring 35B Goulds Turkey tag. Well we had a quick and eventful hunt. Bills hunt started off on the wrong foot as we had a great breakfast at Denny's....but then forgot his license and tag in his car so had an hour and a half delay to run back to town. Thankfully, we had some H3O officers and volunteers that were able to continue to the hunting area and they found a flock of 17 Turkeys for us. Bill and H3O VP had sighted in the shotgun days before so Bill was confident and only needed one shot at 42 yards to take his prize. After Bill tagged his bird, a lot of high fives, congrats, and pics were taken and the story was told again and again and still being told today. The H3O team could not be happier for Bill and we look forward to taking out our next disabled Veteran soon.

Congratulations to both Harold (SAM) Sammons and Gary Kovacevich for their 2023 Coues WT Deer. Both Sam and Gary are disabled Veterans that had drew their own tags but allowed us to join them on their hunts. Sam harvested a “sporkie” (fork on side, spike the other) buck and Gary harvested a nice spike on the last day of their hunt. Truly enjoyed hunting with both of these outstanding Veterans and look forward to hunting with them again soon.

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