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Mountain Ridge

The H3O Mission 

The mission of Heroes Healing Heroes Outdoors is to provide disabled and disadvantaged American Heroes (e.g. Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and Paramedic/EMT professionals) with the opportunity to experience the healing effects of outdoor activities and camaraderie. This will be accomplished by fully assisted expeditions accessible to heroes with varying degrees of disabilities.



Good afternoon, I simply cannot say enough about my gratitude and appreciation for Heroes Healing Heroes Outdoors (H3O). From the dedicated time spent discussing hunting, to glassing, hiking, preparation, and everything leading up to a successful hunt…H3O knocked it out of the park. Wayne Dubois spent an entire weekend dedicated to preparation and glassing potential hunting locations in mid October, prior to my hunt. I can’t emphasize enough how much that time set the tone and really got me into the mindset and challenge mentality that this hunt would bring out in me. Wayne was more than patient, caring, and fun to spend time with we bonded over our military service, our experiences, and our families. For someone like me that is very detail oriented and procedural in the way I approach life and challenges, Wayne was understanding and supportive. Wayne was just the beginning of the support I got during this process and hunt. The day before my hunt, I learned that Randy Oliver and Chris Sterner would be joining to assist us with glassing and rounding out the team to achieve our goal. They were a Godsend in many ways. Their humor and perspective, and skill in assisting us was amazing to watch, listen, and learn from. I view them all as elders that were guiding a 45 yr old retired Marine (who had never hunted and killed a deer) in a way that hunters of generations past led their warriors. Ultimately, it was because of them and the teamwork, that we were able to locate, target, and put me in a position to take a long shot on a Coues Whitetail spike at 541 Yards. What I wanted was an ethical kill and a chance to earn my first deer kill. H3O, and Wayne, Randy, and Chris put me in the position to do just that…and get an instant ethical kill on my Coues Whitetail. The mentorship continues with Wayne and the others assisting me with processing and learning from the entire experience. The experience with H3O has left me with a desire to give back and help other veterans in any way I can. What a true gift I have received from H3O…one that I will never forget…but one that I can pass on because of the opportunity they gave me. Semper Fi, James Hale

It’s Time to Give Thanks!!!……. I would like to give thanks to Gary, Chris,Craig and Randy for selecting me for the 2023 Elk tag which had been donated to H3O. These men made the hunt an adventure with memories and laughter, camaraderie and friendship and humble good that I have not experienced since my Marine Corps career. I was amazed at the dedication to help those of us who are impaired with disabilities from our service. They were patient, excepting, but above all else gave me a sense of dignity and respect for myself that had been lacking for many years. Here’s to you H3O……you have my sincerest and humble gratification for your hard work. I’m looking forward to a long and fulfilling friendship with all of you. With deep personal gratitude and respect, Les “Bone Doc” Plieninger

I had a GREAT experience this hunting season with the team of professionals, yes, my new friends at Heros Healing Heros - Outdoors (H3O). These guys are not only motivated, but excited and willing to do whatever they can to assist veterans with the outdoors experience. I’ve watched them put veterans of WWII and Vietnam on the grey ghost and got to experience the same for myself. Although I chose not to harvest a buck this year, Wayne and Randy both did an awesome job of helping me find plenty of opportunities. Whether a road hunt or a steep mountain climb is your goal, these guys are there with you every step of the way. I HIGHLY recommend H3O for anyone who wishes to hunt, fish, or just spend some quality time outdoors. They really are Heros Healing Heros! -- Morgan

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