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We need your help!


Your contribution will enable us to meet our goals of helping as many American Heroes as possible. Every dollar counts and we appreciate your support.  

Donations of equipment such as, camping gear, cooking items, archery bows and fishing poles are also appreciated.   Please contact Gary at (520) 227-4350 for physical or financial donation questions.



Passionate and dedicated volunteers are critical to our mission. There are many scenarios where you can help - from outdoor events (fun runs, charity rides, booths, etc.), hunting, fishing, transportation, hiking, camping set-up/tear down, education and awareness events and more.

We are working a list of 74 clients as we come in the fall hunting seasons.  We need your help to enable them to enjoy an outside activity they otherwise wouldn't be able to do and provide the healing through camraderie they are missing.

Thank you for your support!

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